Recents in Beach



You are on pakistan's no. 1 site of Past Papers of any class or any board. 

We have endeavored to encourage the understudies from class fifth to ace's dimension with the gathering of past papers everything being equal and colleges on pastpapers site.


We have a heavy collection of past papers of differents classes and different boards. We have made an easy to understand site structure for the understudies with the goal that they can achieve the past papers of their longing.When you click on any class. We will take you to the page where you can see different boards according to the provinces.On the off chance that you will tap on a class greater than moderate, at that point you will go to the page where the various colleges of Pakistan are appeared in the gadget.When you will click on a board or university you will moved on to the page of subjects and the diverse earlier years and in the wake of tapping on any year you will get the ideal past papers.

Why are we doing this?

The students of different boards specially of small cities often get depressed because of unavailablity of the past papers of their subject.or their board or university. We have done this great effort to facilitate them. Our mission is that every student of Pakistan wether he is from small city or small university or from a big city can reach the Past papers of all the subjects that he/she needs for their exam preparation. We want to finish the bereavement of Past Papers from the students of Pakistan.

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