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World's Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies

World's Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies

World's Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies

World's Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies

10. Gilead Sciences

 Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences

The American biopharma scaly company is known for its good antiviral production. It also invests in life-saving medicines in heart and respiratory therapy. The Guidel Science Company is named in the list of top ten in the name of big company due to its incredible brand new Hepatitis C drug Sovaldi product. The main drugs of the Guidel Science Company include HIV / AIDS, cancer, liver disease and cardiovascular disease.

Revenue: $ 24.5 billion
Country: USA
Established Year: 1987
Employee: 7,500

9. AstraZeneca


The AstraZeneca company invests products for major diseases, including cancer, heart disease, gastrointestinal infection, cerebral diseases, respiratory disease and inflammation. Existing high-end products are Cholesterol Treatment Caster, Asthma Medicinal Symbicort and Envy Bullet Nexium. UK pharmaceutical company also produces oncology treatments. AstraZeneca has been more successful than Pfizer in 2014, has an ambitious goal for future development, which could improve its ranking in the world's top ten list of drug companies.

Revenue: $ 26.09 billion
Country: UK / Sweden
Established Year: 1999
Employees: 50,000

8. GlaxoSmithKline


GSK develops a wide range of products in Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and Consumer Healthcare, and offers leading products in various therapeutic areas including heart and respiratory diseases, asthma, cancer, infection, mental health, diabetes and digestive conditions. GSK has made good progress in the emerging markets of Japan and the company's business declined significantly from the previous year's HIV division, with its 2013 figures dropping significantly.

Revenue: $ 34.65 billion
Country: UK
Established Year: 2000
Employee: 97,921

7. Sanofi


Sanofi Company specializes in medicines of heart, central nervous system, diabetes, internal medicine, cancer, thrombosis and vaccines and counter (OTC) seven major therapeutic areas. The production of diabetic lunts is very beneficial for the company's business. In the beginning of February 2015, Sanofi's R & D pipeline has 43 projects (excluding life cycle management) and vaccine candidates, of which 14 are in phase 3 and have been submitted to regulatory authorities for clinical development in clinical development.

Revenue: $ 36.73 billion
Country: France
Established Year: 2004
Employees: 112,128

6. Merck


Merck Company has brought Kettruda medicines to the market for the treatment of highly promising cancer in 2014. Merck & Company Company has obtained approval on 6 drug products from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). In August 2014 Merck's research and development efforts have been much more motivated than any other company. Their specialist therapeutic areas include Oncology, Neurode Genitive Diseases, Reproduction and Indo-Crinologi.

Revenue: $ 42.2 billion
Country: USA
Established Year: 1891
Employees: 68,000

5. Bayer


Leverkusen-based pharmaceutical manufacturer is an influential business portfolio of more than 5000 products. In addition to human and veterinary medicine, consumers also work in health and agricultural chemicals. The most product of the Bayer Company includes the Xarelto eye eye medicine, the cancer drugs Stivarga and Xesophigo, and the pulmonary arterial hypertension drug Adams.

Revenue: $ 45.84 billion
Country: Germany
Year Established: 1863
Employee: 118,900

4. Roche


Swiss drug and biotechnology company Roche is well known for its innovative series for clinical solutions and medicines. Its highest production is in the treatment of cancer and MabThera, Avastin, Herceptin, and Xeloda.

Revenue: $ 47.63 billion
Country: Switzerland
Year Established: 1896
Employee: 88,509

3. Pfizer


Pfizer produces bilayets and vaccines for a wide range of medical areas including cancer, heart and immunology. Sales of vaccine products are more than all of the major pharmaceutical companies in the world. However, Pfizer has recently made a deal of 17 billion dollars. Which gives them access to a large portfolio of generics and biosimilar products.

Revenue: $ 49.61 billion
Country: USA
Established Year: 1849
Staff: 78,300

2. Novartis


Novartis is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland and specializes in the development of biological therapies. The company consists of product specialist divisions of eye care, generic and biosimilars, which is a joint workforce company of more than 100,000 employees, operating in more than 140 countries around the world. Current top-earning medications include cancer and (Gillenya) Gilenya.

Revenue: $ 57.99 billion
Country: Switzerland
Established Year: 1996
Employee: 120,000

1. Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational medical equipment company founded in 1886. It is not surprising that top drug companies are on number one
Johnson & Johnson, in fact, is the name of a household whose real aim is to make their own product, keeping consumer health in mind. The Johnson & Johnson Company sells 182 types of products, including Heads of Hepatitis C, Arthritis, HIV / AIDS and Digestive System.

Revenue: $ 74.3 billion
Country: United States of America
Year Established: 1886
Employees: 126,500

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