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9th Class Past Papers 2018 Rawalpindi Board English Subjective Group-2

                                                        Rawalpindi Board 2018 (Second Group)
Roll  No. (In Figures): _______                                               (In Words)_______________
Time Allowed: 2:10 Hours               SUBJECTIVE                  Maximum Marks: 56
                                                           (SECTION - I)
Q.2: Answer any five of  the following question.
(i) What  harmful  effects  noise  pollution  is  causing  on  human  health? 
(iiWhy was Hazrat Abu Qahafa (sift) worried? 
(iii) I low much confidence did Quaid-e-Azam* have in his nation? 
(iv)Why  has  Helen Keller no time to waste? (v) Who was  appointed as  the architect of the Masjid? 
(v)  I low will you define patriotism? 
(vii) What are the two major means of communication? 
(viii) Why was the Holy Quran sent in Arabic? 
Q.3: Translate any two of the accompanying passages into Urdu.. (OR) Re-write any two paragraphs into simple English: 
(a) Media helps people to share knowledge of the world. Their feelings and opinions are expressed 
through it. Media draws in the consideration of an exceptionally expansive gathering of people.. Have you noticed that the first 
thing we do not long after in the wake of going into the house is to switch on the TV?

(b) I  he  ideology  of  Pakistan  was  based  on  the  fundamental  principle  that  the  Muslims  are  an independent  nation.  Any  attempt  to  get  merge  their  national  and  political identity  will  be  strongly resisted. 
(c) The most important measure to be taken in this regard is the rehabilitation and recovery of a drug addict.In numerous nations, including Pakistan, addicts, their families and companions think of it as a forbidden to impart their concern to other people. 

Q.4: Write down the synopsis of the lyric "Daffodils" by William Wordsworth. 
(Or then again) Paraphrase the accompanying lines into straightforward English with reference to the unique situation:
                                               The woods are lovely, dark and deep. 
                                               But I have promises to keep. 
                                              And miles to go before I sleep. 

                                             And miles to go before I sleep. 
Q.5: Use any FIVE of the following word /phrases/ idiom in the sentence.
(i) meditation           (ii) prosperity          (iii)    pageant            (iv) to keep an eye          (v) detect      (vi) vindictive          (vii)   adorned          (viii) popping in 
Q.6: Write a letter to your friend condoling the death of his mother. (OR) Compose a story with the good "Once a liar, dependably a liar". 
(OR) Write a dialogue between two friends regarding prayers. 

Q.7: Read the accompanying section cautiously and answer the inquiries given at the endays a liar".. 10 
           One day a girl found a coin. It rolled away before her broom when she was sweeping the yard, and fell with a little clatter against the wall. She ran and picked it up. Someone had dropped it while crossing the yard and perhaps  had not even troubled to look  for it. It was  worth little. In any case, it appeared an entire fortune to her, who never had anything of her own. 
She scoured it clean on the sleeve of her blue cotton coat and place it into her pocket.
Questions:  (i) What did the girl find?                          (ii) When did she find it? 
                  (iii)  I  low  had  the  coin  been  dropped  there?  (iv)  Why  was  it  a  whole  fortune  for  her?           (v) What did she do after cleaning it? 
Substitute inquiry for hopefuls whose vehicle of examination is English!
Q.8: Write TEN sentences about "Fashions". 
Q.9:    Change    the    voice    of  the    following: 
(i) Why did she write such a letter?                                (ii) They are buying this house. 
(iiiWe shall have killed the snake.                                  (iv) The students were being taught by her.
(v) He will give you a case of chocolates.

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