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Past Paper 2018 Rawalpindi Board Inter Part-1 English Subjective Group-2

                                                                                                                  English Intermediate Part-I 
                                     Rawalpindi Board 2018 ( Second Group )

Roll No.__.                                                                                         (To be filled in by the candidate) 

Maximum Marks: 80                           (SUBJECTIVE TYPE)                  Time Allowed: 2.30 Hours 
                                                                     SECTION -1 
Q2 Write short answers in 3-5 lines of any six questions in your own words. Book-1- (Short Stories). 2x6=12
(a) W In did Nonnaconsider the tone and attitude of Mr. Steward offensive? 
(ii) I low dangerous can a Mart ran v irus be? 
(iii)    Why didn'tliic boy’run from the house of the woman? 
(iv)    What did the quack do in the next village? 
(v) What was the state of the tonsils of the debilitated young lady?
(vi)    Why did Jim sell the gold watch? 
(vii)   Did Margaret know what to do to keep Ute locusts.away? 
(viii) What does the author like about the Christmas? 
(ix) What were the arrangements made for the function of inauguration? 
Q3. tyrite short answers in 3-5 lines of any Five questions in your own words Irom Book-lll(One Act Plays). 
(i)      What type of play. "I leal Lightning" is? 

(ii)     How did the girl recognize the killer?
(iii)   I low Joes I larry describe the inhabitants of OK- by-thc-Sca? 
(iv)    Vi by was the girl not ready to go Io the police?
 (v)     Why docs Powers consider Kreton a joker? 
(vi)    I low does Kreton look? 
(vii)   Why does Clay want to put ad. in the local newspaper? 
(viii) How much damaging is violence in life? 

Q4. Write short answers in 3-5 lines of any Four questions in your own words from Book-Ill (Poems) 4x2=8 
(i)      What did the poet reflect when he saw the Sindhi woman? 
(ii)     I low does rain water fall on poor leaves? 
(iii)    What kind of feelings docs the poem “Ozymandias" create in the reader's mind? 
(iv)    What are the feelings of poet standing in the dark? (In the Street of the Fruit Stalls)
 (v)     What is the message of poem "Times"? 
(vi)    Justify the title of the poem  "Liesure". 
                                                                    Section - II 
Q5. Write a Letter to your Father informing him about your Progress in Studies.

Compose an application to the Principal of your College for character declaration. 
Q6. Write a story bearing the moral: "Greed is a Curse" OR " A slitch in time saves nine". 
Q7. (A) Explain the following lines with reference to the context: 
                    Love's madness has departed. 


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