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Past Paper 2017 Inter Part-2 Rawalpindi Board English Group-1 Subjective 3 New

Short Question Answers from Book - III  (Plays) (2017) 

Q3. Write  short  answers  to  any  five  (in  3-5)  questions  in  words  of  your  own  from Book-Ill (One Act Plays) 
1. Why does the Man so keen about the girl's affair?
Ans: The first man is  very  keen about the girl's  affair because he wants  to confirm if she knows  about him or not. That is  why; he asks  her so many  questions  to see if she knows about him.
2. What did the girl see when she was walking along the road?
Ans: The girl's car ran out of gas. She locked her car. On the way, she saw a car coming out of lane. She saw a man dragging a dead body of a woman out of the car and throwing it in the mud.
3. What does Spelding wish for his daughter's marriage?
Ans: He   wished   that   his   daughter   should   marry   a   person   who   was   hardworking, ambitious, and capable of making his mark in the world.
4. Why  has  General  Powers  put  {he  house  of  Mr.  Spelding  under  martial  Law? 
Ans: Power says that he cannot end it up until he receives orders from Washington.
They  must  obey  his  orders.  There  can  be  no  telephone  calls,  no  communication with the outside world
5. What was General power thinking?
Ans: General Power asked Kreton to tell him what he was thinking at the moment.
Kreton  told  him  that  he  was  thinking  about  ms  promotion.
6. Why does Kreton take interest in Earth?
Ans: Kretop.says that he has come for a visit to a small planet. He has been studying it for years. In fact, those people are his  hobby. Especially, this  period of their development.
7. Why, according to Kreton, did his people not need to travel much?
Ans: Kreton said that his people had been travelling much so many years in the past.
Now they did not travel much because they could see everything through special monitors. However, he claimed that travelling was his hobby.
8. Write a note on Mrs. Spelding.
Ans: Mrs. Spelding is  a straight forward woman. She is  very  loving mother. She likes Ellen’s  marrying John. She always  worried about her Rose garden when the nation is worried about landing spaceship.
9. Why does Harry refuse to give a poodle cut to Miss. McCutcheon?
Ans: Harry cannot give a poodle haircut to Miss McCutcheon. The reason is perhaps,
that he does not know how to give a poodle haircut or he does not want to give
her a poodle haircut.
10. Why does Harry forbid the girl to Whisper? 
 Ans: Harry    forbids    the    girl to    whisper    because    the    people    of misunderstand.  Their  whispering  will  cause  a  scandal. In  this  way,  they  will lose reputation. 
11. What does Harry advise Miss McCutcheon to do? 
Ans: Harry  advises  her  to  teach  English,  singing,  dancing  and  cooking  to  the  children of the town. He also advises her to go back to San Francisco. 

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