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Past Paper 2017 Rawalpindi Board Inter Part-2 English Group-1 Subjective 5 New

                                   IMPORTANT STORIES FROM PUNJAB BOARD 2017 
                                               THE LAMB AND THE WOLF 
Once upon a time, a lamb felt awfully thirsty. He reached the stream of water. He began to quench his thirst downstream. A wolf happened to come there in search of water. It also began to drink water upstream. He saw a lamb drinking water. Wolf's mouth began to water. He wanted to tear him down and eat hi$ meat. But there was no ground with him to do so. He, al once, hit upon a lame excuse. He said to the lamb, "Why are you making the water muddy?" The lamb said, "How it can be sir? The water in the stream is flowing from you to me, not from me to you." The wolf got furious and said, 
"Then why did you give me so many words of abuse last years?" The lamb said, "Sir, I was not even born last year. How could I abuse you?" The wolf got even more furious at the remarks of the lamb. He looked daggers at him and said, "Then it must be your father or mother." Saying this, he attacked the lamb, tore him into a number of fragments. 
Moral: Might is right 
                                      A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS 
Once upon a time, all the animals and birds of the jungle gathered to elect their king. The lion offered himself to their king. The eagle challenged the supremacy of the lion and claimed to be their king. Both offered arguments to strengthen.their claim. At last, the dispute took a serious turn and a war broke out between .them. The bat's behavior was very ridiculous. If animals seemed to be winning, it hopped to them and claimed itself to be one of them. But when the birds seemed winning, it perched to them and proclaimed itself to be a bird. It went on oscillating between animals and birds keeping in view the expected victory or the impending defeat. At last, the animals won the war and the lion was declared to be the king of the jungle. The bat went to the animals to congratulate them on their triumph, but they turned it out saying, "You are a bircLpot an animal." Then it visited the birds to console them, they also turned it out saying, "You are an animal not a bird." Being condemned by both, it was driven away the light of the day. Since then, it conceals itself during the day in the dark places and flies away alone at night. 
Moral:  A Rolling stone gathers no moss 
                                                           The Fox And The Goat 
Once upon a time, a fox felt awfully thirsty. He went about in search of water for a long time. At last, he reached a well of cold water. He was overjoyed to find it but the water'was too low to reach his mouth. He bowed low to reach the water. Unluckily, he slipped and fell into the well. As the water was not so deep, he was not drowned. He was caught in a fatal predicament. He could not come out of the well by jumping up. He was sure to die in the well. He began to cry in his trouble. By chance, a goat happened to pass by that well. When he saw the fox in the well he said, "Uncle what are you doing here?" The fox was very clever. He at once said, "The water down here is very cool and sweet. I am enjoying the swim here. You can also come down and enjoy the swim." The goat was also thirsty. He did not ponder over the situation and jumped into the well without hesitation. No sooner did the goat jump into the well; the fox jumped onto his back and came out of the well with a single jump. A frog from under the water came up and said to the goat, "Don't bleat now but repent of your folly because those who do not think before acting have to suffer." 
Moral: Look before you leap 

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