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Past Paper 2017 Inter Part-2 Rawalpindi Board English Group-1 Subjective 2 New

14.  What is a clump of trees? 
Ans: A clump of trees is a group or cluster of trees growing very closer to one another
 15. What happened to the camel and how did the camel man cure it? 
Ans:  A  melon  was  struck  in  the  throat  of  the  camel. 
camel-man  tied  a  blanket  round  its  throat  and  then  struck  the  place  with  a  mallet. The melon broke in the throat of the camel and went inside. 
16. How did old Stephan treat the stray locust which he found on his shirt? 
Ans: Old  Stephen  picked  up  the  stray  locust  off  his  pocket  and  split  it  down  with  his thumbnail. It was clotted with eggs. 
17. What was the condition of trees when the locusts attacked? 

Ans.  The  trees  were  queer,  still  and  barren.  They  were  clotted  with  insects.  Their boughs weighed to the ground. 
18. What are the slums and ghettos? 
Ans: Areas  where very  poor people live and which are in very  bad condition are called slums, Areas  where a minority  lives  in isolation due to economic  and social pressure is called ghettos. 
19. Who was Martin Luther King Jr.? 
Ans: Martin Luther King was the leader of the Negro freedom fighters. He led many sit ins and processions in southern areas. 
20. What  are  the  qualities  of  the  veterans  of  creative  suffering?  (I  Have  a  Dream) Ans: It means that they have been tormented each time in a new way. So, they have 
become  the  experienced  soldiers  of  intellectual  sufferings.  They  have  all  borne  all this for freedom. 
21. What were the two sources of inspiration for Maulvi Abul? 

Ans: Almighty Allah and Chaudhry Fatehdad were the two main sources of inspiration fqr Maulvi Abul. He relied on them only. 
22. What was the conduct of the people when they saw the accident? 
Ans:  The  people  who  witnessed  the  incident  stopped,  turned  to  look  and  some  stood watching. No one' caime to help them. 
23. What were the people who came on the mall, wearing? 
Ans: Most of the people were wearing overcoats  which were of every  kind from the astrakhan to the tough military  khaki such as  are found in large bundles  at the second hand clothes' shop. 
24. How did the nurses of the hospital comment on the Youngman? 
Ans:  Nurse  Shehnaz  said  to  Nurse  Gill  that  the  young  man  seemed  belonging  to  a  well- to-do family. 
25. What happened when the overcoat was removed from young man's body? 
Underneath the overcoat, there was only an old cotton sweater which was all in holes. Through the holes in the sweater, one could see the dirty vest which was in an even worst state than the sweater. 

26. What is the theme of the short story "over Coat" 
Ans:   The   story   discusses   the   complexes   of   the   poor.   The   poor   try   to   conceal their poverty.  They  desire  to  take  part  in  the  dandy  activities  of  life  and  how  they  pose to be rich. 
27. What did Maulvi say to Chaudhry when he reprimanded him for a mistake? 
Ans: He cried in his heart that Chaudhry had a whole row of boys. If he had also had a 
daughter, he would understand why he repeated a chapter of the Holy Book 
28. Why was the recording angel tried? 
Ans: He acknowledged that Christmas was a trying period for him. People do a lot of 
good deeds. He had to write down those deeds. So he was tired. 
29. What are the noble deeds always a great joy for the author? 
Ans:  Noble  deeds  always  a  great  joy  for  the  author. It  is  because  they  give  him spiritual   satisfaction   and   will   become   the   source   of   his   salvation  in  the  Next World. 

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