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Past Paper 2017 Rawalpindi Board Inter Part-1 English Subjective Punjab Papers

                                                        RAWALPINDI BOARD

English,GROUP FIRST                   (Session: 2017)                                               (Group-I/ A-2017)
Inter (Part-I)                                           Class-XI                                                     New Scheme
Time: 2:30 Hours                             (SUBJECTIVE)                                               Marks: 80
Note: Section I is compulsory. Attempt any Three questions from Section II and any Two parts from Section III. 
2. Write short answers to any six (in 3-5 lines) questions in words of your own from 
    Book-1 (Short-Stories)  6x2=12 
i. Why did the boy look to the sky and smile? 
ii. Why did the quack come back to the Camel men? 
iii. What should be faith of Negroes? 
iv. Why are the locusts compared with bad weather?
v. Describe Maulvi's appearance? 
vi. Why did Della feel proud in the beauty of her hair? 
vii. Why didn't the old man follow the advice of the doctor?
viii. How did the young man treat the cat in story "Over Coat"? 
3. Write  short  answers  to  any  five  (in  3-5)  questions  in  words  of  your  own  from Book-Ill (One Act Plays) 5x2=10
i. How did the girl recognize the killer? 
ii. What was General power thinking?
iii. Who buys the oyster?How much does the pay? 
iv. What kind of haircut does Miss. McCutcheon want? 
v. What were the circumstances that forced the girl to leave her car?
vi. What were the factors that played their role in saving the girl?
vii. Write a brief note on the personality of Ellen Spelding. 

viii. How does Harry describe the inhabitants of ""? 
4. Write short answers to any four (in 3-5 lines) questions in words of your own from Book-II(Poems)  4x2=8 
i. What kind of train is "Night Mail"? 

ii. What can we not see in the broad day light? (Leisure) 
iii. How does the reader discourage the rider? (O Where Are You going?) 
iv. What does the sparrow hold in her beak? How many young ones does she have ?(The Feed) 
v.  How is the Sindhi woman walking through the bazaar?
vi.  What was written on the pedestal of Ozymandian's statue? 
5. Write a letter to your friend condoling with him on the death of his  mother.10 
     Write  an  application  to  the  principal  of  your  college  for  the  remission  of  fine.  
6. Compose a story on the ethical exercise: "Flurry make squander " 
                              "Where there is a will, there is a way"'
7. (a) Explain the accompanying lines with reference to the unique circumstance: 5
                   Snorting noisily, She passes 
                Silent miles of wind-bent grasses 
     (b)     Punctuate the following extract from Book-1 (Short stories) 5 
              This  is  the  way  jess  sid  my  father  pointing  with  his  cane  across  the  deep  valley                    below. 
     (c)    Use any five of the following pair of words in sentences of your own: 5 1 
              (i) Access; Excess     (ii) Coma ; Comma     (iii) Dose; Doze      iv) Foul; Fowl                                    (v) Matel; Mettle       (vi) Pain ; Pane           (vii) Steal; Steel 
8. Translate the following passage into Urdu. (Short Stories Book-1) 15 
In the crowd there was a loud mouthed old had who seemed to have other 1 
views. In a loud whisper. She pointed out that several suits in the dowry had once 1 
belonged to a woman who had died young. There were others which had been part of 1 
Zaibun's dowry. "Even the bracelets and the gold nose ring are here. "She adds with 
conviction. "But the gold pennants"? She raised her eyes and looked towards the 
heaven as if they were a gift from there. 
Alternate    question    for    candidates    whose    medium    of    examination English  Foreign candidates only.
Compose a paper (300 words) on "Psychological warfare in Pakistan".

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