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9th Class Past Papers 2018 Rawalpindi Board English Group 1 Subjective

                           Rawalpindi Board 2018 (First Group) 
Roll No. (In Figures): ____________(In Words)________.
Time Allowed: 2:10 Hours                      SUBJECTIVE                                 Maximum Marks: 56 
                                                                   (SECTION - I) 

Q.2: Answer any FIVE of the following questions: 
(iWhat is the highest military award of Pakistan?
(ii) What type of land Arabia is? 
(iii) I low can we become a strong nation? 
(iv) Why was Huzrat Abu Quhafa (R.Z) was worried?
(v) What is an ICU in a hospital? 

(vi) Who was appointed as the architect of masjid? (Sultan Ahmad Masjid) 
(vii) What are the causes of drug addiction? 
(viii) How do you define noise pollution? 

Q.3: Translate any two of the accompanying passages into Urdu. (OR) Re-write any two paragraphs into simple English: 
(a)Yes. well said, it would not be wrong to say  that media is  the most vigilant institution that keeps an eye on every  segment of the society. Through debates, reports  and talk  shows, it makes everyone answerable and accountable. That is why media has become an integral part of our lives. 
(b) The Blue Mosque has  six  minarets. Four minarets  stand one each at the four corners  of the Mosque. Each of these pencil shaped minarets has three balconies, while the two others at the end of the forecourt have only two balconies. 
(c) Drug addiction is  a common problem all over the world today. There are numerous types of chronic drug use, however the most perilous of all Is the total reliance on it.Long haul utilization of medications causes perpetual mental and physical ailment.
Q.4: Write down the rundown of the ballad "Ceasing by Woods on a Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost
Reword the accompanying lines into basic English with reference to the unique situation
                                                       I wandered lonely as a cloud 
                                                      That floats on high o'er vales and hills. 
                                                      When all at once I saw a crowd. 
                                                      A host of golden daffodils. 

Q.5: Use any FIVE of the accompanying words/phrases/figures of speech in your sentences:
(isacrifice                (ii) gave away                (iii) refuge               (iv) man in the street 
(v) pass through         (vi) fall a prey                (vii) spacious          (viii) impression 
Q.6: Write a letter to your mom who is stressed over your wellbeing.
(OR) Write a story with the moral "Haste makes waste”. 
(OR) Write a dialogue between two students regarding time. 

Q.7: Read the accompanying section cautiously and answer the inquiries given toward the end.
There was at one time a man whose specialist gave him drug which was very dark. His  servant who was  illiterate made mistake and poured out a dose of ink  in place pf the drug. I le gave it to his  master who drank  it. Alter the patient had taken the dose of ink. the servant somehow realised his  mistake, lie ran back to his master and said, "Sir. I have given you a dose of ink instead of the medicine as both were equally  black. What should be done now"? The master replied softly. "Now give me a piece of Honing paper to swallow “ 
Questions: (i) What was the colour of the medicine?       (ii) What did the worker provide for his lord?
                   (iii) What did the servant do?       (iv) When did the servant come to know of his mistake? 
                   (v) What did the ace say to his hireling?
Alternate question for candidates whose medium of examination is English Foreign Candidate-, only. 
Q.8: Write TEN sentences about "A Meena Bazar". 
Q.9: Change the voice of the following: 
(i) He took away my books.                     (ii) They are buying this house         (iii) Nothing had been gained by them.                 (iv) The doctor asked her to stay in the-bed.              (v) Why did she write such a letter. 

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