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Past Paper 2018 Inter Part 1 Rawalpindi Board English Subjective Group 1

                           English Intermediate Part-1
Rawalpindi Board 2018 (First Group)

Roll No.                                                                    (To be filled in by the candidate) 

Maximum Marks: 8O                       (SUBJECTIVE TYPE)                     Time Allowed: 2:30 Houre
                                                                   SECTION -I 
02. Write short answers in 3-5 lines of any six questions in your own words. Book-1- (Short Stories).   2x6=12
(i)     Why didn't the old man follow the advice of the doctors?
(ii)    What are the locusts?
(iii)   Why did George give,lhe podket-book to his employer?
(iv)   I low social were the people of the Mars?
(v) Why did the kid look to the sky and grin?
(vi)   What is the dream of Martin Luther King Jr.?
(vii) How did Gorgios persuade his people to make his country strong?
(viii) Why did Jim sell the gold watch?
(ix) What was the condition of tonsils of the sick girl?
Q3. Write short answers in 3-5 lines of any Five questions in your own words from Book-Ill (One Act Plays).  5x2=10 
(i)     What were the circumstances that forced her to leave the car?
(ii)    Why didn't the girl accompany the second man?
(iii)   Who is Miss McC utcheon? How docs she feel about her job?
(iv)   How much impressive were the morals of Kreton?
(v)    What does Clark give to Harry and for what purpose?
(vi)   How much damaging is violence in life?
(vii)  How much advanced is the civilization of Kreton than that of the Earth?
(viii) What is Hany's philosophy?
Q4. Write short answers in 3-5 lines of any Four questions in your own words from Book-Ill (Poems) 4x2=8
(i)     What time of the year is mentioned in the poem "Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now"?
(ii)    What is worse than slavery?
(iii)   What is the benefit of broken images?
(iv)   When does a person remember God?
(v)    What is the main idea of the poem ”A Sindhi Woman”?
(vi)   What is the problem of mother sparrow?
                                                                 Section - II 
05. Write a tetter to your father telling him abort your health and studies. OR 10 
Write an application to the Principal for lhe issuance ol the character certificate. 
Q6. Write a story on the moral lesson: "A Rolling Slone Gathers No Moss* OR "Might is Right* 
Q7. (A) Explain lhe following lines with reference to the context: 
Fissuring the atom: 
You have leamt to weep and wail in a loud tone. 
Splitting the grain; 
You have leamt to set life on foot. 
(B)   Pucttrate the following extracl from (Book-1. Short Stories):
           is mr huben here mr hubert seated at another end of the table replied here
(C)   Use any FIVE ot (he following pairs of words in the sentences ot your own: 
(i) Addition ; Edition      (ii) Ballet: Ballot      (iii) CheckCheque      (iv) Refer: Differ
(v) Heel: Heal                 (vi) Lessen ; Lesson  (vii) Soar; Sort:
Q8. Translate the following passage into Urdu:
When a King and a Persian slave were cruising in almost the same situation. The slave had never been at sea. and experienced  any  calamity. After some time lhe boat was hit by  a storm and  started  tossing. It was inconvenient for the passengers. All stayed calm with the exception of the slave who in dread of being suffocated started to cry and tremble, and made bother for the others. The others tried to pacify him by kindness and affection but he did not hear anybody. At the point when the uneasiness kept going longer the King additionally ended up disappointed.
Alternate question tor candidates whose medium ol examination is English /Foreign candidates only. Write an essay (300 words) on "Patriotism*.

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